Thursday, July 29, 2010

Farmhouse Friday !

Well, Hello There ! I know one thing I am SO VERY GLAD that it's FRIDAY ! I shouldn't complain... and I do know how lucky I am to be able to work and run my business from home...but, I try do treat it as just that.... and keep a proper schedule for myself. This has been one heck of a busy week , and I'm ready for a relaxing weekend . Now, Here are some things for sale today.... If you find anything that you'd like to have or have any questions... simply-Email Me and we'll get you set right up ! I only take checks or money orders. And will send your order out promptly - as soon as payment is received in my mailbox.

( when making a purchase.... Please include your mailing address so that I may calculate the shipping. Thanks ! )

Bee Sachet...12.00 ... a very cool small burlap and bee sachet - filled with fresh cedar shavings.... approx. 5 x 8 .... I've sold many of these in the shop .... Just a nice thing to have around !

Set of 2 Paper covered boxes - SOLD35.00 - I have recently acquired a ton of old prints and very cool unbound pages from early 1800's atlases.... more about that later...but , I have started creating lots of fun things with many of those pages.... These boxes are one of my faves... The prints are of farms... Very nice and folky black and white engravings of such fine estates . If you can tell... I've made these to be very old looking...tattered and aged.

"Lend a Hand" " make-do" - 28.00 .... Some folks think of these as pincushions... I just like them as fun folk art... This one is kind of funky..... Would be a fun fill in just about anywhere. This one stands about 9'' tall.... Made by yours truly from old tan calico and a few found objects.

Vintage Juggling Pins - SOLD 65.00 pair.... These are SO very cool laying on a coffee table or standing up in your cupboard somewhere.... Nice , treen pins are almost 16'' tall. Great patina from lots of use...Fun stuff !

Star Soap Tote -SOLD 25.00 ..... One of my most popular designs....stenciled on a nicely aged tote. Great for actual use and it looks great just hanging around when it's not doing duty.

Burlap Bird Sachet - 18.00 ..... Another nicely scented cedar pillow.... such a sweet little thing to tuck just about anywhere need be !
Tarnished Silver Basket with chalkware eggs - SOLD 18.00 ..... Such a sweet tarnished basket 6'' across....filled with straw and 2 perfect white chalkware eggs.... I love the simpleness of it !
Be who you are pillow - SOLD 40.00 .... My favorite saying on this nice crisp canvas pillow with grommets and burlap... approx. 20'' long.

Large Burlap Bee Pillow - 40.00 Very nice size pillow lined inside with muslin ... I am new to using burlap and am really loving it ! It goes well with so many styles.
Scenes at Central Park Pillow - 40.00 ..... This is made with a transfer from an old Play broadside.... Such a fun look ! There is an old ticking feather pillow inside. Has a nice feel.

Vintage Stuffed Dog - 38.00 .....From my personal collection. This one is made from some old gray wool and flannel..... Super Great Looking ! approx. 10'' long and 7'' tallWhite pitcher - SOLD 18.00 6 1/2 tall.... I mean this thing is WHITE ! You may know that I am just getting into the really white thing. I'm not familiar with some things... is this what is called
milk glass ? It almost seems like glass...has a different look to it...and it really is milky white. Cool style ! The stack of 2 flour sack towels tied up in this interesting way is - 8.00
Silver and Soap - SOLD 12.00 ..... A nice tarnished silver or pewter - pedastal soap or candy dish and 2 goats milk soap bars.... Just fun !

Cue time ! 8 old cue balls SOLD 15.00...... What fun to display these vintage cue balls ! They have the best age to them.... Wish this was a better picture...they are very cool looking

Thats all I have to offer today , folks. There are some very old objects of my affection for sale on my website as well...A couple of nice early bears... you might want to stop by and take a look at. Otherwise.. I'll have more things made and found to offer next week.
Oh.... prices do not include shipping.... I'll get back with you on that - if you do inquire about anything... I'll be back to the computer later this afternoon.

Coming right up........

Some of you might remember - back in the winter - I would occasionally have a little special
selection of goods for sale at the end of the week- on my website.... I called it FARMHOUSE FRIDAY...... Well, I'm having one tomorrow - but, it will be HERE ... on my blog. Seems
fitting.... after all... I do call what I'm doing here - a Fine Farmhouse :-)
I've made a few very nice little things....and Have been collecting items from a few of my little excursions... All just perfect for these little offerings. SO...... please do stop by tomorrow.... I'll try to have it posted mid morning.... You might just find a treasure or two for yourself !
I hope that you have a most wonderful day... Take Good Care,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

White Washed....

I am absolutely THRILLED to be partaking in this WHITE WEDNESDAY ! This is my first time... so, I truly hope I got it right.....enough white ? I wanted to really fit in today, so...
some of my photos - I whitewashed.... I really love the effect.....

Some of my Favorite Old Buckets.... I have dwindled my collection down to only those that are whitish or natural finish.I love my old concrete sheep.... He resides in my bath now, instead of out in the garden.

Just a few of my nest and egg collection. It's always such a thrill to find an old abandoned nest... why I love eggs... I really don't know... more to look at than to eat... I have them all over the house in some fashion or another... I'm sure you 'll be seeing lots of eggs in future posts :-)
You'll be seeing lots of Kitties too ! Real and Not so real... Nice old stuffed kitty..... I've had this for a mighty long time.

So, I hope that this is all white enough..... I am slowly collecting more white goodies... and lovin' every bit of it ! SO refreshing.... A fun change of pace for this long time primitive girl. !
I appreciate your visit to my FINE FARMHOUSE.... I expect that I might have a few new visitors here on my blog today. I am enjoying this new venture of mine.... Lightening up
my decorating style... I've visited so many wonderful new decorating blogs... You are all so
inspiring !.... I look forward to getting to know more of you better...... And thank you to
FADED CHARM...... it's such a joy to be a part of this all ! ..... Be sure to click on the link to take you to more awesome White Wednesday posts ! Have a SPLENDID Day !

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Mornin'

It has been such a nice and peaceful morning here....Check out my sweet Kitty , Lilly... what a sweet picture ! Today will be a day of rest and rejuventation and most of all, a day of Gratitude. I am so Thankful for every second of every day...and grateful for all of the sweet friends that I've been meeting along the way. This business of mine is an interesting journey. I never know what things will come my way.... what fun it is to discover so many opportunities ! I have much to share with you in the coming months. As for now... simply enjoy YOUR day, and be Thankful for every little thing!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today, I begin....

My busiest time of the year is coming up soon.... The days of selling harvesty goods and uncommon folk ! I usually don't get started this early... I am usually a late starter when it comes to holiday stuff... but, I've had so many ideas floating around in my head's time that they come to life. So, Today, i will begin to create for fall. Just as soon as I get a nice little assortment made up - I'll put some up for offer on the site.... I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile.. Here are some pics from last years selection.... while most of you like the funny little favorite items are the portraits , portrait dolls and silhouettes. I'll be sure to do a nice mix.

I hope that YOU have a most wonderful day... Have fun, and be creative !

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A little corner of my world

While I had intentions of this blog being about decorating my home - Seems I rarely have time to actually do it all. I'm just going to mix it up.... It's just going to be whatever I'm into at the moment :-) Which mainly is my work. My work is my soul.... I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't create everyday. Seems that's all I do is make things...but I have been very unorganized for a very long time. I won't go into the reason why...but, I truly have been out of sorts. ha ! I have a lovely workshop...but it has turned into more of a storage and office area...and I haven't left myself room to really spread out and work. SO....I took over some space in the cabin ( yes.. the store) And I've started setting up my new studio ! I'm just thrilled with the concept... since I have extended our shop hours.... I can just sit myself down out there all the time and create like a madwoman ! And THAT I Have ! The space is not even fully stocked up yet with all my needfuls....Yet...before I knew it -I was absolutely inspired ! I have gotten right to work on making some brand new designs .... I can't wait to share with you ! I will be offering many new creations Friday evening on my website. Here is a little sneak peak......

Just a little corner of the cabin backroom studio. My , oh, My.... this has really given me the opportunity to sit back, take a look at the cabin everyday, and realize my dreams out there..... Visions of many wonderful things are in my head - curious , fun, and creative things to show off for the upcoming fall and holiday season..... I must get busy ! So many ideas.... So little time !!!!! I'll admit... the cabin is a little sparse this week.... I plan on getting in gear with tons of creations and hopefully a shopping trip for some cool old stuff very soon.... There are many certain things I want to make sure I have on hand this season in the store..... If only I was 10 years younger...where did my energy go ? :-) Anyway... I will certainly share with you - this journey of all of my goings ons - this is gonna' be fun !

Monday, July 12, 2010


I truly hope that I haven't offended anyone with some of my music choices . I have just recently discovered Pandora Radio..and in turn, have discovered TONS of new music. I am simply lovin' it ! Living here in the backwoods of Kentucky... we don't get much more than top 40 hits on the radio...and especially country music...of which I am not a fan. I love contemporary and retro music...and It's been a joy to discover so many great musicians...especially ladies such as Corrine Rae, Adele, and Amy Winehouse. AND... learning to appreciate the oldies that I never really paid attention to before. Etta James ..WOW ! what wonderful music . Yes... I have heard a hit or two from said ladies...but, Pandora will play a wide variety of that style music.
I am aware that Ms. Amy Winehouse has had her share of problems... but, I really had not payed much attention to many of
the words in one of my Favorite tunes of hers that I happened to have uploaded on my playlist for this Blog. As I was Listening
to ... "Me and Mr. Jones" yestereday... I thought to myself.... "sounds like she is talking pretty trashy"....SO.... decided to search
for lyrics to that tune...and LO and Behold ! I could not believe my eyes ! I immediately rushed back to my playlist to DELETE
said song from list. Now it is no longer played on my blog. How can such a fun, catchy so darn naughty ! ha !
Anyway... I do apologize if that offended anyone.... I simply didn't know what I was playing. I still do plan on buying the CD...
As Amy is a very talented singer. Beyond talented. I hope she is able to straighten up and fly right one of these days.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I WILL be posting more soon.... I have been doing some serious creating in a brand new "studio space"...much more to share on that in a few days :-) Have a Most Lovely Day!

p.s. Yeah ! I found the html for signatures ! Thanks ladies...for all your help !

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air.....

I have had such a craving to create some new things lately... not just new...but, uncommon things.... for me , anyway..... It's like a breath of fresh air .... I feel that I'm really getting my "groove" back. I have so many ideas.... I am anxious to get started !I couldn't wait to show off some of my new designs on my site over the weekend...and have already sold these first few samples.....

Plans are to get the ball rolling on tons of new things like these later on this week. I have a few obligations to take care of and then ....LOOK OUT ! So much creating to do.....So little time !!!! On a side note.... I am still trying to learn more about blogging. I'm fairly happy with my page so far ~ But little things , such as how to post a pretty signature... I just can't figure out. I'm usually good at picking up on those things quickly...but, that has me baffled :-) Anyhoo..... Hope that you have a Lovely Day....and I'll sign off for now.......Simply, Dru ( imagine that in a lovely script - won't you ? :-)