Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas Time is Coming !

There is a chill in the air, the ground is sparkling and crisp with Frost. Woodsmoke billows from the chimney. Even before you step inside the cabin - you smell that familiar scent. It's spicey, it's warm and homey. Such a delightful feeling overcomes you when you are at Cinnamon Creek !
Dried Apples and Cranberries are being strung, The trees are going up, Pine branches are being tucked about, and My , oh, my... the THINGS ! Wonderful THINGS ! Sweet, ragged bears, make do dolls, SANTAS of all shapes and sizes ! Some classic, some very primitive.
Folky Reindeer, Cornhusk trees, Snowmen-from wee sizes that dangle on a those that stand as tall as me ! Oh.... what a JOY .... it will be !

Okay... I'm laughing out loud. I didn't mean to become a poet....didn't intend to.... I just couldn't stop....ha ! As ever.... I am getting very excited about the Christmas Gathering.
Mike and I would simply love for you to be here on this special day ! We're kicking the season off early this year. I hope to post more very soon. I may give you a tiny sneek peek.....But, I want the cabin to be full of surprises for you this year ! I am able to truly enjoy all the preparations this time around. My thoughts and ideas are flowing.... I have 2 more weeks of creating ! Much to do.... It will be a Gathering to remember ! For more information.... go to my website