Thursday, March 10, 2011

I am....Cinnamon Creek

As I was going through old pictures this morning...looking for more motivation on how to set up my cabin this year... I got to thinking that many of you might not even know this part of me. For, as I've carried on this blog o' mine... I have been trying to keep it more about the farmhouse and me....but, you know what.... that isn't really working for me. This cabin...this "Cinnamon Creek" .....this is who I am. Since I have not been able to get my house projects going as much as I've wanted to... and , since it is about time to open the cabin for the season..... I do believe you will see alot more of this...and things about creating...more than ever . So, I hope not to bore any of you nice folks out there that have visited my site & store more than once...and but, to those who don't know about Cinnamon Creek, Please.....let me introduce you.....WELCOME

Cinnamon Creek Cabin is all about country. It's about simple things and creative things. It's mainly about things that I make - with some fun old primitive finds thrown in !

To many of you ...this will seem like one big advertisement for Cinnamon Creek...and yes... it is, in part....For, it is all that I know...and at this time of life...for me and my is important to let everyone know about my business - my store...and all that I do --- it's my way to make a living. A way of life for me.
Thank you so much for stopping by...I must go get busy now... I've got piles of goods ready to be priced and taken to the cabin...and much , much more to create in these next 2 weeks before our Gathering ! Much more to come ! Have a most wonderful day !


  1. Good morning Dru. Nope, you aren't going to bore any of us. I've followed your picture trail for a long time and now your blog and just love it. I own a prim shop in Michigan and would LOVE to get down to see your's one of these days. How far are you from Knoxville, TN? My friend lives there and is always looking to take a little adventure. Thanks, Dawn

  2. Dru, Thank you for sharing what you love to do, I always look forward to you posting about things you are creating,and about cinnamon creek. Just wished I lived close by, I would be there all the time. Your handmades and how you place them in their special places whether in your home or shop is a pleasure to look at. Anytime I see your fine farmhouse blog listed on my blog I know I am for a real treat. Thanks again for sharing your dreams and your life with us. Vicky

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to visit and to work at. You are very talented. I am going to have to try to come for a visit very soon!

    Keep sharing your inspirations with us it inspires us all!


  4. Dru, I love your shop! Wish I lived closer so I could see it in person!

  5. Dru ~~ Love reading about your, home & your store so write on .... we here wish you well in all you do. Blessings & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  6. Dru,

    Since I was fortunate enough to come to one of your events, I wish to inform all that if they are anywhere nearby, (we came from TN that time) that you are a must go to- must see!!!

    Good luck with your show : D


  7. A delightful place to visit I'm sure. Your pictures fill me with inspiration....not the least bit boring :)

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    Warm hugs ~ Jenn

  8. It is always a delight to visit the Cabin! I certainly wish that your magical spot was not such a journey...I would greatly enjoy an in-person visit.

    Happy day to you!


  9. amo lo stile primitive, vorrei poter entrare nel negozio curiosare sentire i profumi e poi .............. comprare tante cose belle visto che in italia di questo non c'è niente.bravissi e complimenti
    un bacio silvia

  10. Hello, all I can say is Wow , I am a new follower and new to blogging . I love your cabin and your wares so awesome! Keep up the great work I look forward to following your blog closely . have a great week
    lil raggedy angie

  11. Your Cabin is what we all dream of, Thank You for sharing the lovely pics, I never tire of looking at them. I feel the same way about my Cabin in Colorado, unlike you my cabin is a 15 hour drive from home. My heart and soul is there. If I ever get a chance to come your way I will stop in for a visit, in fact I would like to take a mini vacation and head your way now....
    You are so talented and an inspiration to all of us. Always look forward to your post.
    Prim Blessings

  12. Dru, So love all your work and the goodies that have come to live with me!!!
    Love that you blog is about the shop! Keep sharing! OLM

  13. when can i move in to the cabin :) so neat

  14. Love your prims Dru...maybe someday we can take the drive and visit..if we can get away from our own shoppe here in Michigan.