Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Little World

I truly understand that little saying...." I live in my own world....It's okay...they know me there "
That's where I have been ! When I have a mission to accomplish.... I drown myself in it. I have to focus and fully concentrate on the project at,
that I do the best job I can. I have a one track mind...that is for sure !
I've been making things like crazy....preparing for my Spring Open House at the Cabin. There is still a whole month to go ! I am determined to have this little store of mine - BRIMMING with all of the things that I love to make....AND that so many of you wonderful customers out there seem to want to buy ! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have many folks support what I do...and purchase so much of my little creations. I don't ever want to let you down ! This spring OPen House promises to be back to lots and lots of just good , simple country style handmades....lots of surprises...things you've never seen before...and some extra special cabin goods made by other friends will be offered this year ! More on that later :-)

I must get back to my little world...still keeping a good eye on my hubby, and taking care of all my little furry friends ! If you are waiting on an order from me...It is on it's way this week..... last week was almost impossible to get away.

Peace & Happiness to you ,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farmhouse Bath...

Today, I am showing you a few pics of our extra big Bathroom that hubby put together for us several years ago. Before he got sick. Oh, He has done such a wonderful job on this house so far. I've had these pictures plus many more posted on my CINNAMON CREEK site for years. I know many of you are new to me...So, I'm sharing what we've done so far. It's been 3 years now since we've been able to do any more work on this old house. When you walk in right is a complete construction zone....I've learned to live with it. Hopefully Michael will feel like getting back to work on it someday...If not...That is perfectly fine. I'm just happy to have him and a roof over our heads . I should really start playing the lottery...because that is the only way we would ever be able to have it done by anyone else. I did, at one time..send my pics and story to HGTV... thinking they would love the idea of coming to our Fine Farmhouse and helping us out a I suppose they are too busy for that ! This really is my favorite room !

.... I've been as busy as can be, getting ready for the Cabin Gathering. Simply enjoying every second of all the creating I
get to do ! ENJOY YOUR DAY !

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little peak....

Here's a little peak into my world as it is right now. I've been hunting , gathering, and creating like a mad woman ! I've been snowed in so much lately, Haven't been able to get out and about for quite sometime...due to one thing or another. I actually don't mind - I'm quite the homebody. I'm never quite comfortable anywhere else but home.

I must get out today... I've got a few orders that must get mailed out....but, I won't be gone long.... There is simply too much to do around this Fine Farmhouse and cabin.... I cannot wait to get started on some new ideas I'm working on !

Have a most lovely day !

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dirty Whites

I'm enjoying peaceful winter days...preparing for a grand SPRING ! Stitching away on all kinds of early style dolls .... The kind you would think were so old , your great , great grandma would have played with them as a child....So, tattered and torn. well as my bears and other little folk art pieces... are all coming together quite nicely. I am piling things up here in the farmhouse. Looking forward to my Gathering at the Cabin come March 26th . I'm keeping much under I hope to really surprise those who come on that day ( Hoping YOU will be one of those people ) .... I will sneak you a peek everynow and again though :-) ....This is simply a still life of things I'm working with today....
I'm so blessed to be able to do this for a living ! I wish for you a most wonderful day. Hope you are doing what you love too ! xoxo