Friday, November 9, 2012

Got any change ?

....HAPPY Friday to you !   I told you the other day that I was ready to start blogging again, and I'll have to tell you...... I've been a little stumped.   As much as I like blogging, I find myself with little ( I think ) to share with you.  BUT, I'm going to give 'er another go !  I truly do want to improve my photography skills , As well as my writing skills.  So, I hope I don't bore you as I push myself to do this.  Your visits are always appreciated, and I  LoVe reading your comments.  It's just plain FUN!

You know.... awhile back, I thought I was going to simply sell on this blog...but, heck, this gal has changed her mind once again!   This little corner of my world online will be random - you just never know about me..... whatever WHIM strikes me - is what I will do here !  I'll share things around my HOME ,  things I'm working on for Cinnamon Creek, and a few adventures along the way !

Speaking of change.... Today - Is show and tell day.......
I've recently started a little collection of old change/coin purses.   I don't know why... I just think they are wonderful !  I remember my Granny used to have a little black leather coin purse.  She'd walk me down to the store when I stayed with her and she's always buy me an ice cream bar.  I will always remember her pulling a quarter out of that little coin purse. I loved her so much. Oh, how I'd love to have that particular one. Don't know what happened to it.
At this time, I only have 5 . ( sad face ) of my own. I don't get out much...but have found 4 over the summer at flea markets and a sweet friend found one for me. ( happy face ) Same friend also gave me the old coins.  I LOVE them !   I've hit several antique shops and am having a hard time finding any.  Can't find any online either.  It'll be fun hunting them down .  They are a fun and inexpensive thing to collect.
These are mine.......

Take a look below..... THIS is how many I'd like to have !!!  I found this pic on pinterest.  Now , that's a heck of a collection !  I like the old leather wallets too.

This weekend I'm heading out to do some more shopping..... sure HOPE to find a few more of these little treasures bring home.

Until next time.... Enjoy yourself !  Much PEACE & HAPPINESS to you .......................Dru Ann


  1. Hello dear all these purses are so sweet..
    Have a lovely weekend dear xxx

  2. Hey there Dru Ann! I understand EXACTLY how you feel about blogging. I love it BUT I am sometimes intimadated about my skills (redface) I take 30 pics only to get maybe 3 that are not blurry. I write and rewrite on my posts and nervously publish. I really need to get over myself haha! I love your change purses. Hopefully you'll find more. I'm thrifting this afternoon and tomorrow. Anyway, keep blogging!

  3. Hi there,

    I follow with interest-- we have many of the same ramblings and I enjoy reading always. I can relate to the ambivalence about blogging, creating and writing as well as the higglety pigglety way of carrying on. I think your site is charming. I love inexpensive little collections; your coin purses are precious. I can't think of a better time to remind us of how important a little change is in today's economy. Right on the mark! Blessings,

  4. I always like seeing your your new header ! I wish I could create that look of several pictures, but my computer skills are very limited. I have a hard time writing creatively for my blog & admire those who make it look so easy. I Love your collection of change purses, so neat ! I have a few that my Grandmother used & bought for me when I was little girl. I look forward to seeing more of your posts & how you decorate for Cmas !!!!

  5. Hello Due Ann, love the Header picture, so sweet, I like your collection of little change purses, my Mother always used one, brings back childhood memories.......Blessings Francine.

  6. I think we can all think of a time and someone who we knew carried a little change purse.
    I remember my grandfather did, a black one.
    thanks for helping me to recall my memories.

  7. funny Dru ~ I have a collection of these, started almost 20 yrs ago....
    each one different ~

    tiny little black leather
    small brown velvet with worn spots
    a red satin one that is almost thread-bare
    one that was my great aunt's
    another that has been written upon with black ink that shares how many coins should be inside,
    and yet one more that is blue ~ and holds a long-ago written note declaring:
    "I have not one more dime to Spend on Frivolous Thinges"

    I love them all but especially the last one.
    glad to know I'm in goode 'collecting' company!
    blessed be ~
    Lori from Notforgottten Farm

  8. I'm trying to improve my photography skills too. I'm lucky to have a good camera and I'm experimenting with exposure times. I like your little collection. I collect old little tins.


  9. Hi Drew, I am back also I took the summer off and have started posting again. Its a lot of work, and I am not a writer or a photographer but I love doing this for me.....I need a new computer connection or something its so slow and its not dial up so I don't know what the prolbem is. Anyways, I love your little change purse's my mom had one and can even remember my little grammie using her's. All is well in Maine and hope all is well in your corner of the world............keep posting Andi the wednesday baker

  10. Visiting your space in the cyber world is the next best thing to having you as a neighbor, or being able to visit your shop. You are a breath of fresh air and just being you, sharing what you share makes you so special.