Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inspired , again !

Had lunch today with a dear friend.  It was so good to see her, it'd been awhile.  She is a true primitive lover like me.  We got to talking about antiquing and primitives and I got that flip-flopping in my belly that I hadn't had in a very long time. ( at least not for decorating :-)..... Well,  I have been enjoying fixing up my sweet little apartment, but, haven't really been moved to REALLY decorate since I moved in.  I've been having so much fun just doing other things, hadn't had much time for it. I guess since the weather has turned off cold - that has kept me inside a bit more and I really do have the decorating bug again !  I should say, the PRIMITIVE bug again !   While I have always created folk art and I sell primitives, it grew old to me for just awhile, and thought I wanted to go a little more modern country - my desire for EARLY has really got me going.  Not really a good thing, as my pocketbook can't really handle that, nor do I really have room for much more in my humble little abode.  BUT, It will be fun to get out and start shopping again for a few early treasures.  

 As I look around this place,  I do have alot of early things out,  I just don't have things arranged just right yet.  I'll be playing with that over the coming days/weeks and will share pictures with you as I go along.  These pics that I am showing you today are just some old pics from my past -  They inspire me.
 I do love the lightness and brightness of my apartment.... The buttermilk colored walls really make what treasures I do have stand out.   You get a nice and fresh feeling when you spend time here.
 Fresh , light walls, mixed with early , rustic primitives...... It's a beautiful Thing !!!
As I began this post, I realized that It's been since mid November that I've blogged.  WAY too long !
I am inspired again to share more with you on a more regular basis.  

Wishing you a most wonderful week !  Until next time.....  Peace and Happiness to YOU !      ....................Dru Ann


  1. You're back!! So happy you want to decorate again and looking so forward to some photos of your sweet apartment. I love primitives against a light background...the best of both worlds!!

  2. Loved finding your blog! From what I have read, we are so much alike! Hope to keep in touch and become blog friends!

  3. Welcome back Dru Ann, so nice to see a post from you and that you got the primitive bug back,YEY!!!!!! Wonderful prim decorating I see, so cozy and warm.......Blessings Francine.

  4. So glad to see ya blogging again..I love how you decorated and am excited to see what you create in your new home..Have a wonderful day..

  5. I think that happens to many of us. I've love my primitive accents and the history they represent but I'm not going to be out every week looking for new pieces. It makes going to a few select shows every year with friends that much more special! ~Roberta

  6. Hello DruAnn~ glad to see you re-inspired...looking forward to your decorating pics!

  7. Glad to see you are back Dru! For some reason I lost you on Facebook. Glad I found you again! Can't wait to see your creations!


  8. So glad to see your post again..I love how you decorated...
    Have a wonderful day..xxx

  9. hi Dru, your designs and decorating are always inspiring....and sometimes we experiment with new things, but always come back to what we truly love.....can't wait to see what you do....smiles and hugs, Linda

  10. ...Hello Miss Dru! *waving* :o) So glad to see you back and I even found you on FB recently - Yay! ;o)

    ...Have you left your fine farmhouse? Well, no matter where you dwell, your rad decorating skills will make every place feel like home. "Rad", do they even say that anymore? *giggle*shrug*

    ...Hope all is well & can't wait to see your sweet lil' apartment!

    ...Happy New Year dear!

    ...Blessings to you. :o)

  11. Hi Dru,
    I am new to your blog and as a primitive lover I cannot wait to see what you do with your apartment.
    Hope you have fun doing it,

  12. Hope you post pics of your apartment decorating once you get going with your inspirations again!

  13. Love your goodies you have pictured. It's always a wonderful feeling to get reinspired:)

  14. Nice to see you again....been missing your posts! Always enjoy your pics!
    Apartment? Look forward to seeing decorating pics!