Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Little Nest

Happy Day to you !  As promised... I have a few photos to share of my "little nest" today.  Just a few shots in my living area.  Come on in and take a gander....

I truly enjoyed each and every one of the comments that some of you have left me...some of you asked .... apartment ???   YES....  I made a few big changes in my life recently - I've mentioned in a few past posts ... While I no longer live in a farmhouse - I'm keeping the name for my blog.... It's still fitting for me, and it's so well established now, I hated to change the name. You still get a farmhouse "feel" with all my favorite primitive things around this little place.  I'm such a happy gal, now....   Life is good !!!   
 I'm showing you just little snippets here and there..... I'm in the process of redoing my t.v - area... I'll show you a before and after of that in the near future.  And my couch, I'm redoing to, so that's for future bloggin' .  
I love the fresh feel of this place.  Although, I'm not crazy about the carpet, It is cozy.( Would love hardwood floors though. ) .... All the rustic and wood against the buttermilk colored wall.... I adore ! 
A few of my favorite things.....  

 I just finished this over the weekend... Painted on an old barn door - It hangs over my couch.

Thanks so much for stopping by !   I look forward to sprucing up this nest over the coming months.... I'll share as I go along .   Peace, Love and Happiness to YOU !  xoxoxo,  Dru Ann


  1. Hi Dru, love what you've done to make your apartment "you". Just goes to show you can make any kind of space special no matter where we live. I look forward to seeing more of your warm and cozy home. Your sign is awesome! Lori

  2. Hi Dru Ann, your home is so so prim many wonderful goodies you have, looks so farmhouse fresh....Blessings Francine.

  3. LOVE it Dru....and soooo glad your happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you make that large wooden heart ???? Love that....are you going to sell any ????????? best wishes to you !!! (Can't wait to see more !)

  4. I love how you have decorated. That little old puppy is tugging at my heartstrings :) Must be a big change moving from an old farmhouse into an apartment,but sometimes change is good and if you are so happy it must have been right for you and that is very well...blessings friend.

  5. everything is beautiful, my sweet Friend ~ truly reflects your simple and good nature.
    love the color of your walls, and I really do like the berber(spelling?) rugs...they really take a beating and you can clean them with a spritz of Tilex ( white or oatmeal colored berber only) the wooden heart, the big basket with dried stalks, and the touches of fresh greens...oh & your little chickie too!

    ...more please!!!!!!!

  6. Beautiful Dru! I am loving the barn door sign.I am looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful nest.Hugs,Jen

  7. Love stepping in for a visit! more plz! always love how you put it all together! OLM

  8. I love everything! Especially the way you hung the sampler inside the basket. Did you make the sampler? I love it! I hope the rest of your week is good!


  9. ...Aw Miss Dru, your place is adorable! I love it! :o)

    ...I'm so happy to hear that you are happy, that is what matters most. Again, thank you for the mini-tour! Everything looks prim-perfect!

    ...Blessings and love to you. :o)

  10. Love and enjoy this. Thank h for sharing. Just besutifil

  11. Your place looks warm and inviting..Can't wait to see what you are up to in the rest of your new place..Have a wonderful week..

  12. Aww so pretty..
    Love for you x

  13. Dru, your photos are always so inspiring and I enjoy seeing your beautiful decorating skills.
    What you are doing to make your apartment a home is great! Everything looks so prim as if you never left the farm. I LOVE IT ALL!


  14. Zie dat je al jezelf goed thuis gaat voelen! Mooi al je primitieve spulletjes!
    Prachtig de foto met schommelstoel en ooo die kleine turkooise doosjes, wat leuk!
    groetjes van Marijke

  15. Beautiful Dru~

    I too have made changes to where I live and big changes in my life. I have learned that you take your heart with you and it is about who you are with. I too would love a Farmhouse~ but I would not trade this Wee Cottage for the world as it is truly filled with love.


  16. It sure doesn't look like an apt! Nice touches

  17. love the decor, stopping over to say hello and see what you have been doing! Looking like you have been having fun. I always enjoy looking at the farm house and all the decor. Love it andi

  18. Dru ~
    Everything is wonderful. A perfect "home".
    Hugs :)

  19. Hello Dru Ann,
    I love the photos! I too will be moving from a home with a ton of land to.. I dont know where, within the year. My life has been full of huge changes over the last few years. Sometimes change is good though. I don't know where I will end up but I hope I can get my hands on one of your bears to take along with me!
    Many blessings to you,

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  21. Dru,

    I always love what you post! Your apartment
    will be awesome and cozy just like what you had. You have the best ideas! Blessings to you.

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  24. I dearly love your collections! Your apartment and collections remind me so much of my aunt's home the first time I saw it as a youngster.

  25. your old sign is great. you certainly have the touch my dear.

    be blessed